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Kids Wing Chun Classes

Kids Classes So how are we different from all the others teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu to kids?

Well here are 7 key points:

1. 100% FREE Kids Gradings. We understand costs can add up so this is our way of helping. All children will still receive a certificate
once passing a grade. Gradings are a great way to improve a child's confidence and show mark of progression. We don't agree with most Wing Chun Kung Fu schools who charge you an extra fee for this achievement.

2. Simple price points. All the costs will be made clear from the start, and are based around how much training you would like your children to do.

3. We do not use contracts all we ask is for is 1 months notice if you decide our classes are not for you.

4. Balanced Instructor ratio. We have as many as 4 instructors teaching per class, all of whom hold the latest fully enhanced DBS

5. Limited students per class. Our classes are not a numbers game, and we aim to have no more than 7 children to each instructor to ensure your children get the most out of our classes.

6. We teach pure Wing Chun. While other schools fill half of their classes with non-Wing Chun weapon forms learned from DVDs and YouTube, we teach pure Wing Chun, and also include the Luk Dim Poon Kwan (6 and a half point long pole) in the final phase of our children’s programme (normally not taught until much later in the adult syllabus!)

7. 25+ years training experience / 15+ years teaching experience. There are very few Wing Chun teachers in the UK who started
training at the age of 4. Would you like to read more? Then feel free to read an article from 2016, where Sifu Jason discusses his thoughts on the importance of children to learn Wing Chun.
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